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Trump and the Media: They hate him and will never relent

Many of us have longed for a president who will shake up the smug oligarchy that runs the New York-Washington bankster-crooked politician axis. Trump may or may not be that man but he at least deserves a chance to prove himself, particularly if he is genuinely interested in détente with Russia and is unwilling to […]

Trump the Anti-Semite? Or is it just that liberal Jews hate Trump?

Someone should tell them that calling someone an anti-Semite is fortunately a slur that is losing its effectiveness through overuse and lack of credibility. Joe Sobran put it very well when he observed that anti-Semite used to be an expression applied to people who hate Jews but now it is more often used to describe […]

Oh, What a Lovely War! Analysis on Hillary’s foreign policy vs Trump

Hillary, the Establishment’s war candidate, though she carefully wraps it in humanitarian “liberal interventionism.” As Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary has always viewed a foreign crisis as an opportunity to use aggressive measures. She can always be relied upon to “do something,” a reflection of the neocon driven Washington foreign policy consensus…. By Philip […]

A Shadow US Foreign Policy: NED, Freedom House et al

Carl Gershman’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has a slush fund to destabilize target nations… also promotes the neocon agenda inside the US itself…Freedom House, Nuland, Kagan… By Robert Parry, Consortium News The National Endowment for Democracy, a central part of Ronald Reagan’s propaganda war against the Soviet Union three decades ago, has evolved into a $100 […]

Facebook ‘deliberately targeting’ Palestinian accounts after meeting with Israeli government, rights groups say

Social media giant accused of disabling accounts of activists and journalists following talks with Israeli ministers last month… Israel created unit to control what’s on the Internet  By Bethan McKernan Beirut, UK Independent A new report from a Palestinian rights organisation has found that the number of incidents in which people – including many journalists – […]

A World Gone Mad: Voters should wake up to the issue of war versus peace.

Pillorying Trump ignores how awful Hillary Clinton is in her own way. Hillaryland promises to bring with it a likelihood of more war, not only against various players in the Middle East, but also against Russia in Europe, as well as Syria and China in the Pacific….Carl Gershman of NED attacks Russia… By Philip Giraldi The relentless […]

Billionaire Saban Advises Clinton to Differentiate Herself From Obama on Israel

Emails from Israeli billionaire Haim Saban to Clinton’s inner circle, mainly relating to Israel Ha’aretz – Israeli-American tycoon and major Hillary Clinton donor Haim Saban had advised the Democratic nominee for U.S. president as early as June 2015 to distance herself from President Barack Obama’s policies on Israel, according to emails made public by WikiLeaks on […]

The Legacy of United States Interventionism: What Iraq teaches us

Recent interventions have not worked very well and have in fact increased the number of enemies rather than reduce them while also killing nearly 7,500 American soldiers and more than a million inhabitants of the countries Washington has become entangled with. By Philip Giraldi, The following in an edited version of a paper I presented […]

Israel’s $38 Billion Scam: Bibi wants more and Congress might deliver

Israel is a strategic liability. It requires the expenditure of considerable American political capital to protect it in the U.N. It cannot be used as a forward base for the U.S. military. During Desert Storm in 1991, it had to be bribed by Washington to stay out of the conflict… Some critics have also noted that medical […]

Did U.K.’s Nuclear Chief Nyman Levin Spy for Israel?

Nyman Levin was entrusted with the U.K. and the U.S.’ most sensitive nuclear secrets. Did he pass on some of those secrets to Dimona? By Avner Cohen and Meirion Jones, Haaretz The Friday of January 22, 1965, was one of those cold and gray English winter mornings. London may have been starting to swing, but not […]

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